When Shitbags Collide

Abortionist John Tiller was assassinated yesterday while he was attending services at his church. Tiller has gained national prominence in the abortion debate because he kills children that are perfectly viable. His work is exactly the kind of atrocity that has become the new battle line being drawn in the pro-life counter-offensive. The American public is becoming increasingly squeamish at the thought of children that can survive on their own have their skulls punctured, brains siphoned and bodies dismembered. It is the viable child that Pres. Obama has refused to legally require comfort care should it not be killed during initial stages of an abortion and pass into this world still alive but was himself so uncomfortable he took care to parse his words lest he be denied the mantle of power he so eagerly sought. Yet, it is probably fair to say “Doctor” Tiller died far more quickly and comfortably than most of his victims.

Thankfully the suspect has been apprehended. In strategic terms his act could not have been more short-sighted. He has now given the abortionists the upper-hand of moral outrage…during the term of a pro-abortion president…who is currently nominating a radical leftist female for the Supreme Court.

Fucking moron.

In terms of the Law his action are unforgivable nor should they be forgiven and the pro-life community has resoundingly condemned this act. This is more than a murder. Technically, it could be classified as a mere killing and killing is a legally and morally neutral act. If a man happened across some criminal seeking to rob and murder an innocent person that man might produce a weapon and kill the would-be criminal. Neighbors might hail the man as a hero but in the eyes of the law the act would neither be condemned nor encouraged. This is a very deliberate construction that seeks to strike a balance between averting lethal passivity (think: Kitty Genovese) and reckless vigilantism where people–quite possibly innocent ones at that–can be swept-up in the deadly torrents of public passion without allowing due process to be fully played-out.

In this sense the Tiller assassination was worse. It was not vigilantism because though the law is woefully misplaced in the question of abortion the assassin was abrogating the law in its entirety. It would not be too much of a stretch to label this act an episode of domestic terrorism save for the fact that the killer by all reasonable examination appears to have acted alone and not as part of a larger organization. By circumventing the process by which the debate of how abortion is settled “Doctor” Tiller’s assassin hasn’t saved or avenged any lives, he has imperiled the process by which the rest of us–both unborn and born–remain a free people. The Constitution lays out the venues for the redress of grievances and unilaterally killing your fellow citizens is distinctly absent from that document for a reason (the avoidance of anarchy, in case any who are sympathetic to the assassin happen to be reading).

As a free people we must preserve the institutions of a representative legislature, executive and constructionist judiciary. The institutions we charter to that end must rise to the appropriate level to counter threats to their existence. In this instance civil law enforcement is more than adequate but if the threat is substantially greater as to be able to overwhelm the capabilities of law enforcement than no measure should be spared, not even acts of war, i.e. the Whiskey Rebellion.

No, our government is not perfect in its execution but is perfect in its vision in as much as it allows for a free press (like what we’re doing here and now) and the right to petititon for the redress of grievances the very nature of which assumes there will be grievances against the agencies constituted to serve the people. By killing “Doctor” Tiller the assassin took that away from us. He took it upon himself decide what was or not legal and how it should be adjudicated and sanctioned. Apparently he didn’t see fit to consult his fellow citizens: it was his dictate over our consent. I can’t say anything about the ante-bellum slave rebellions apart from “heh!” but I do not feel as if the assassin in this case has done me much of a favor. I would see the law that he has tried to bend to his whims hunts him down with its full weight and brings forth a hearing of the evidence, opposing counsel, procedure, jury verdict, appeal, etc etc etc and everything else that we use to safeguard our liberties that he saw fit to take away from us. Any pro-lifer who stands beneath the aegis of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must condemn this assassination on the principle of liberty of a self-governing people.

Reflex thoughts:

  • Anti-slavery killings in Kansas added fuel to the flames that would ultimately become of the conflagration of the American Civil War. Ironically they coincided with the growing political triumphs of the abolitionist movement. These killings gave alibi to the Fire-Breathers (democrats, BTW) to claim the law had abandoned them ergo they should abandon the Union thus muting the victories of the abolitionists and leading to the near-destruction of the Constitution as a whole. Public opinion polls now show a majority of Americans identifying themselves as pro-life as numerous states enact laws to stunt the carte blanche killing of unborn children. Hopefully this insane act is not putting us into a history repeating loop.
  • As a segue from the above: as per the article first cited for this post: Obama is enhancing security around select infant abittoirs and their operators. It is all too predictable that the administration that seeks to “never let a serious crisis to go to waste” would make a national crisis out of a localized murder. Coming on the heels of his recently suppressed DHS report that sought to brand all opponents of abortion (as well as advoates of the 10th Amendment, low taxes, illegal immigration enforcement and the presumably ever-untrustworthy military vet) as potential terrorists. I say suppressed because while the report may have been “withdrawn” as an official statement of government policy the exact same assbags that wrote and authorized the report are still working and I seriously doubt their political biases have changed. Alas, we learn that this crisis requiring the president himself to beef-up security to the shrines of Molech is rather lopsided considering the fact that former government lawyer John Yoo who gave an honest assessment of the limits of interrogation practices that would be considered legal is being harassed by lefties outside his private residence with no sign of enhanced security for him. But, as we saw yesterday, Obama’s protection and enforcement policies vary greatly dependent upon one’s political leanings and/or skin color.
  • Thank Dog, Tiller was murdered in his church. It’ll mute the idiot left’s proclivity to moralize about how all evil comes from those espousing moral beliefs. Lefties like to use episodes like this to bolster their calls for the abolition of religion, even though ironically the most infamous clinic bomber Eric Rudolph said he preferred “Nietzche to the Bible”. Not that facts matter much to lefties.

~ by Mr. Snuggle Bunny on June 1, 2009.

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