Water, Water Every Where

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink ;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

If you’ve been tracking the news lately Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D – Niedermeyer Plastic Surgery Center) decided to fan the flames of war with the CIA as Pres. Obama is trying to stamp out the very same flames he ignited by his equivocation on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and whether or not those who formulated the policies and employed the techniques are criminally liable. So disasterous was her venture she recently fled to the People’s Republic of China to seek political asylum, where she talked–not about their human rights record or whether or not anything could be done to stop America’s economic hemorrhage–but how every facet of our lives must be inventoried in the name of global warming.

It was little more than a cheap publicity stunt on the president’s part, seeking to curry points with his unhinged base while distracting the rest of us from his efforts to co-opt ever-increasing swathes of the American economy. But, as he soon learned: little children shouldn’t play with matches. The CIA leaked and Cheney squeaked and national polls suggest almost two-thirds of the American public is pretty comfortable with the idea of water-boarding Khalid Sheik Mohammed. They’re only real beef with the process is why there wasn’t a national lottery to pay down the national debt where the winner gets to hold the water hose.

We’re told that water-boarding KSM yielded vital intelligence that saved thousands of lives…in Los Angeles no less; and it is here we are asked whether so-called torture is morally or legally acceptable.

I wish to answer the progressives of the world with a resounding: NO!

NO! I would not have water-boarded KSM to stop a plot to attack Los Angeles…but that’s only because I don’t think LA is worth the price of running tapwater. The stagnant cesspool that gave us Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover, Susan Sarandon, Perez Hilton, George Clooney et al deserves to be laid bare to the very people they claim are victims of the US. Let kindred spirits unite; in flaming wreckage if need be. After all, Hell is little more than the Heaven the ungodly fashion for themselves. If it had been me and I had broken KSM to learn LA was the target I would have walked-out the door, leaving it open and pretending the whole conversation had never happened. One less liberal city, the rest of California would flip to a red state and we can get on to real business. It’s a win-win-win situation.

OK. OK. I’m joking…


But as these merry fools continue to live out their idle lives unmolested only by the grace of men and women better than themselves they continue to impugn what those men and women have done and they continue to look to one man—the president—to deliver their judgments for him. Unfortunately the president still has to look tough on something other than pushing around corporate executives of heavily unionized industries otherwise people might start noticing a trend so in that regard he continues to push heavily on the war in Afghanistan; the ONLY campaign promise he has yet to break (in all fairness it’s only Friday).

You see, Afghanistan is the only good war at the moment (unless you’re Bill Ayers—oops! Sorry, I’m name-dropping). It’s the one war the Progressives will support, albeit begrudgingly, because they know if they don’t they’ll lose all political credibility on matters of national defense. “But,” they say with high dudgeon, “Just because we support prosecuting the war in Afghanistan/Pakistan do not take that to mean we will countenance the use of torture.”

To reinforce this mantra Pres. Obama has announced that while military tribunals will continue, even at Guantanamo, evidence obtained through water-boarding or the infamous “pink-belly” technique is inadmissible; although hearsay evidence is now allowed. Yes, that’s right; your father’s brother’s cousin’s ex-girlfriend’s former roommate’s statements can be used against you. Fortunately it seems the worst that can happen to you upon conviction is you’ll be released into the US and be required to live on a government stipend…but I digress.

The war in Afghanistan is being prosecuted with ever-increasing vigor. More importantly, the strikes against Al Qaeda hold-outs are also increasing even with seeming absolute disregard to collateral damage incurred because the cowards insist on hiding amongst women and children (It’s a good thing the president isn’t Israeli) and this is my point: we are targeting people based on our working knowledge of Al Qaeda’s internal organization. Yet, that knowledge was gleaned from water-boarding Zabaydah, Ramsi Binalshib and KSM. We were blind to their structure prior to these sessions; Cheney and the CIA memos have said as much.

Never mind the fact water-boarding continues this very day: it is used on every Special Forces candidate going through SERE training…or the next crop of liberal idiots water-boarding each other so they can sit up and tell us how horrible it was for them before going back to their water bongs. President Obama single biggest act of dishonesty in this whole sordid affair is the fact that he is having people killed based on intelligence derived from water-boarding.


As in: Killed.

Not tried before three military officers with representative council and a hearing of evidence and counter-argument; killed, period, end of story, no appeals, no parole, usually surrounded by non-combatants.

It’s one thing to preen one’s moralist feathers in front of the cameras…it’s something entirely different to be a plucked chicken strutting like a peacock. Somebody needs to call the president on his hypocrisy before his over-politicized, unprincipled showmanship costs us something of genuine value and not just Los Angeles.


~ by Mr. Snuggle Bunny on May 29, 2009.

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