Hello world!

Welcome to my inaugural post.

Now bugger-off.

You may as well leave now because you will definitely want to leave before too long. This blog is dedicated to discussing what passes as discussion in the modern world. In reality people tend to hear things and then take the path of least mental resistance. They say insipid things like:

  • God is too cruel and uncaring…so let’s believe in Darwin!
  • Racism is bad, let’s fix it with quotas.
  • People who cannot control their behavior are legally competent

The fact is: there’s some really stupid crap out there that should be self-evident if only given 30 seconds of thought…if only. Well, I would like to disabuse people of these fallacies by abusing said fallacies as much as possible. And abusive it will get. Malicious, vulgar, sadistic, grinning abuse. If you aren’t offended then one of us isn’t thinking hard enough. In formal academic circles the technique is known as argumentum ad absurdum: taking another’s argument and expanding it to its absurd conclusion. Since life is pretty absurd as it is I see no reason to add to that absurdity.

Well…here goes nothing (that’s a nihilism pun).


~ by Mr. Snuggle Bunny on May 29, 2009.

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